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Adjustable beds are not just a piece of furniture in your home but can be a wonderful medical aid to improve rest. Our range of beds offer comfort and mobility to make your life easier on a daily basis. They are available in sizes Single to King size from some of our top suppliers including Healthbeds, Vispring and Sweet Dreams

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Duramatic Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Contourflex 1000 Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Memoryflex-Matic Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Sandringham Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Wool Deluxe 1500 Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Wool Supreme 1000 Adjustable Bed


Sweet Dreams Viscomatic Adjustable Bed


Vispring Recliner De Luxe Mattress


Vispring Recliner Elegance Mattress


Vispring Recliner Excellence Mattress


Vispring Recliner Superb Mattress