Healthbeds produce a collection of beautiful mattresses, divan beds and headboards, all expertly made by a family run business in the UK.

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Healthbeds Bari 3200 Mattress


Healthbeds Contourflex 1000 Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Cooltex High Profile Latex Pillow


Healthbeds Cooltex Low Profile Latex Pillow


Healthbeds Freeze Cooling Memory Foam Pillow


Healthbeds Memoryflex-Matic Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Polo XL Single Divan Set


Healthbeds Sandringham Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Smeaton Ultimate Natural 1000 Mattress


Healthbeds Waterford 1000 Latex Mattress


Healthbeds Wool Deluxe 1500 Adjustable Bed


Healthbeds Wool Supreme 1000 Adjustable Bed